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the left hand apply it firmly and perpendicularly to the surface of

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embolism. I recollect a young woman affected with peri uterine

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peritonitis ovaritis and metro peritonitis and you may have

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account of its increased size when a large quantity of water

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stances were destroyed and the injured part was surrounded by a large

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used for the projection upon a screen of magnified images of the

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Such was the state of my patient when I saw her in consultation.

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cases were first discovered by means of the roentgen ray which

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easily be distinguished from paralysis inasmuch as in the

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anaemia and chlorosis as the same disease and although as I readily

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illustrious Baron Van Swieten the book had but little success

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mals. There are six different kinds of human hydatids which

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not absolutely prove that marriage would be useless but it at least

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nally it may detach these tissues layer by layer and so produce a

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mating spirits operate the nerves are the wires which con

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gists have adopted the opinion of my Father who sup

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pressed to indicate the precise point where she felt pain the finger

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why it is that the kidneys when moveable are exposed to pressure

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Air Sudden Death. Death takes place from Syncope or Asphyxia.

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branches of the arteries may be gradually enlarged by

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augmented or renewed by walking jolting in a carriage or the dis

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have come in contact with diseased beasts become affected

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Young girls who have lived a number of years in a provincial

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attacked with scarlet fever of a mild description the eruption

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materia medica practice of physic surgery chemistry amp c. amp c.

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rabies caninse as translated in the d volume of the Edin

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