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When we think of the feeble means by which nature has fixed

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joint. I was sent for but being from home Mr Worthington

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pends upon the removal of every source of irritation in cases

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ness and palpitation. The skin looked like that of a mulatto and

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ether. When all chances of a relapse have passed off then

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found no result but on drawing a needle across the ante

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mations followed by suppuration wMcli proceeds slowly

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You are thus enabled to anticipate my statement to the effect that

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those of the neck and particularly than those of the axillae two of

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inches in length in the external waU of the left ventricle. On

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possesses moreover the advantage of enabling the physician tO

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cases I met with lately in which the probang had to be used

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accommodation. All the other cranial nerves functionated well. Visual acuity Right

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to the entire class throughout the session. A quiz will be substituted

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toms a doctrine far too superficial and even in contradiction to the

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In the dry state these bones are extraordinarily light friable

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inoculating the matter of the nasal ulcerations of that animal

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Peritoneal cavity appendix was normal in position and appearance.

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to his co editors of The Veterinarian Messrs Youatt and

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known sedative or stimulating cause a person grows lan

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authority pointing out the errors of the prevailing doctrine and substi

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or an inflammation of the joint of the knee after a wound

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to their establishment in London at length sent for one from Edinburgh

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curvature of the stomach as these vessels are destitute of valves and

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pleuro pneumonia the animal is slightly costive and the dung slightly

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right side of the heart whence it is discharged over the whole

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from grass and when found ill was turned out again. Next

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practical proofs of this experiments have also been made

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patient to a kidney operation several important conditions must be

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Pallor air hunger thirst visual disturbance and feeble rapid pulse

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One of the cases of strangles was marked by some peculiar

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and had on each occasion been treated for peritonitis.

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cheek and it was therefore simply dressed. She was after

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the chemical analyses of MM. Andral and Becquerel that vascular

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were examined seventeen passed and three were rejected which shows

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Dr Monro s Experiments on the Effects of Opium on the

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from teething without any teeth appearing I suspect that rickets is

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and sensation and appears as if it were intoxicated but the anastomos

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the rapidity of the passage of the liquid must be augmented and the