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care of a farrier for about a week for influenza he had twice
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doses. When the animal was inclined to eat mashes and
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St. Mihiel salient the French Salvage Corps went over the country.
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one of her hind feet being severely injured by a cart that was
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and at the same time increases the coagulability and the constit
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has resumed his surgical practice and his work at the University.
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were numerous tumors embedded in the muscles and extending into
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developed acute symptoms possibly due to disseminated sclerosis as his
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perature rose to and pulse to and he complained of pain in right
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were no signs of pulmonary phthisis nor of rickets. The extremities
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quent congestion of that vascular organ. As the spleen undoubtedly
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that they are often found to have undergone morbid changes in
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liver was studded by innumerable small white bodies cancerous in
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After dividing the pleura the patient is to be turned
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Amongst the first who attempted to remedy these defects
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displacement increased volume necessarily involving increased
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existence of a membraneous sheath around triangular fragments of
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get a stout cart rope and pass it round the body giving the
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work which has just been pubhshed in the January number of the
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