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Monro has often effected a cure by producing an ample

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in the stomach was entirely collected by the omentum. This

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the preparation of specimens for microscopical examination. An

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An outlet should also be given to the putrid humours

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dried oats thu.s showing the necessity for owners of horses

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inflammation gaining the different tissues little by little till at last it

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probably was not aware of it. He speaks only of the difference of

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under the skin as well as in the sterno clavicular and metacarpo

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be in excess in the blood although neither visceral nor glandular

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division of the vessels in which the liquor for some little

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Board of Examiners appointed to examine on that subject.

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ilium. Hardly had the skin been divided when there was a copious

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contains vascular rings may become the seat of hemorrhage at the

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regulated by an undeviating adherence to those principles oh which fair

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and hypogastric pains. There may be leucorrhoea on digital

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observed when it is adhesive or obliterative a barrier is set up

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Joseph I. Kemler M.D Associate in Ophthalmology and Otology

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supplying health giving regularity of life for them so important in

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and preparations of iodine in the first instance alternately and then

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and a diminution in the red globules a soft blowing sound is heard

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her gratitude and my delight did not last long. The excitement

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the skins would have been an effectual means of extending the disease to

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will be handed in writing at the beginning of the General Examination

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customary to inoculate children by rubbing matter upon

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