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most hopeless. While this assertion is true in a comparative sense

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hands are occasionally the seat of erythematous eruptions and some

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abdomen is performed without due precaution there is immediately

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to the outer side of the left nipple. His respirations were embarrassed pulse

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This case in my opinion decisively demonstrates the identity of

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loss of the vital power of the part affected for reasons very

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animal s death and this although not confined to the inferior

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was usually piled on the most nondescript carts drawn by lean

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which the patient had been reduced by his disease and its treatment

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acquires some consistence and it is remarked that between the

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to have pelvi peritonitis as its corresponding affection in the female.

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the external passage. In this animal the mastoid cells

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this group we find that or per cent remained the same

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veins of the integuments of the head were much distended with blood

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catheter or passed freely I observed a smile of incredulity on your

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nearly at an end some sibilant and subcrepitant rales were heard at

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inquiring of the man in charge he learned that the cow had

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a little care cleanliness and attention and that when it did