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small points patches or streaks which are produced by extravasated
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ourselves and the schools which we don t desire. At present there
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Although we can do but little for tlie cure of pelvi peritonitis and
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obligations to keep her as a hrood mare and to have her
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Mr Eobertson having been the first of the Edinburgh
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and the small Belgian army. This was a long stretch of front in
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by endeavouring to show that from what might be considered
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Let us now study the progress of the dyspncea when the tracheal
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lymph upon which the danger of inflammation greatly depends.
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proof Mr Clark brings forward what he considers a for
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the turf while the thoroughbred is as Ul adapted for the dray.
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and this almost on the animal being first put to work. The
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experienced hand can sometimes recognise in thin subjects by pal
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hydrocyanic acid into the veins. The other case of tetanus
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reports a place because they afford good evidence of the extensive practice
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carried his head rather to one side licked their hands and
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attention of my father and of several eminent physiologists
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A woman forty years of age occupying bed of Saint Bernard s
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position but still retained its normal apposition and relation to the stomach.
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different cases where a gut was opened in consequence of an abscess
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which belong to the disease we are now considering. Moreover iu
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der which we most often meet are the benign papillomata which
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these engorgements disappear if produced by paludal poisoning
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been driven into the sensible part of the foot. Following this
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Two cases of cramp are the only others worthy of parti
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the ancients had supposed but both carotids and both jugulars have been
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all that is left in those cases where the discharge is copious.
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eclat by Laennec suggested the examination of if not all the organs
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bruises corns sandcracks treads overreaches and what is
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tails no mention of it is made. In that case he says the
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experiments equally ingenious and delicate. Dr. Potain has shown
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unacquainted with nearly all the members thereof yet I know that
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occurring at the University Hospital. I am prompted in reporting
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that he is congratulating himself upon having achieved a success
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himself and this we find depends on the combination
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ally went off and the legs became quite flaccid. Eyesight gradually improved
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disease another had malignant disease of the cecum one patient who
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he had never seen disease of the eye occurring in Graves disease. Hughlings
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