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thoroughbreds more than cai t horses or Highland ponies.

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to produce death. Hence he deduced the necessity of the

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the tumour forms nearly a right angle with its body.

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Three hours weekly throughout the year. Drs. McGlone and

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scarcely have been so as none of them were in the straw yard

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The three dispensaries associated with the University Hospital

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quantity of milk and her bowels were observed to be more open

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considered as distinctly traceable as that of most other

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small strips of agaric were introduced between its lips. Before

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the coffin joint is hollowed out for the under surface of the

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the literature. I shall not attempt to make a statistical report of

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because hectic fever will soon set in. Orchitis in the female on the

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when the affection is near its inevitably fatal issue that we see the

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the eyelids brought together so as to form one. They how

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the result is that in a very large majority of contracted feet

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Notwithstanding the weight of the evidence on one side still there is

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my very honorable colleague to visit a lady who had complained for

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Your memorialist however proceeded to study those branches in the

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required and this may be done either by introducing a small

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is ascribed to an organic function. Every ferment is regarded as a

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then drank a mouthful of water. Having done so without the least

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trusting to the machine and has had no return of the lux

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some organ of importance being directly injured by air

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Having established these preliminary points I now proceed to the

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exposing the quick or opening new pores into which particles

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stated are size and strength in proportion with the greatest

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pulse led to the belief that life was extinct. Upon what seemed

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charge of similar character seen on the poultices in which the region

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I confess that till more ample information be obtained I shall con

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weeping and in great distress requesting her to go with them


developed. It is needless to state that an early removal of the

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tumors till then imprisoned spurted out as it were liberated by my

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that situation the superior extremity of the clot often takes the

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enjoys perfect health and is one of the stoutest men in

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The cattle had not been thriving for some time which was