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the epochs which we have determined to be the menstrual epochs.

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pected and to assume the duties of his office as professor.

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this time many thousands of troops were billeted near us and all

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Having been closely connected with the Examining Board of the

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it may be often present is as often absent. That such appears

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so thereafter. On October the tube was removed and the wound permitted

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no doubt at all that they endeavoured to secure the best possible

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Monday when put to work his bowels overburdened with a

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attribute to the precaution of securing the pubic artery at an

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who understands the nature of the disease ought to stand

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recently erected with a byre for cows. In March the

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cases which will serve as the basis of the general descriptive sketch

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side on which the tumor is situated to determine whether or not it

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control of the City Hospital now the Mercy Hospital was obtained

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density whilst others are rather softer and thinner than

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It has been very generally supposed that in the spas

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that organ. You can appreciate the danger involved in such an

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may He this is usually caused by hypertrophy of the tix

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disposition in virtue of which certain individuals form pus with

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Third Year. Lectures and recitations on the principles of medi

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ing them far away from the practical. Of the past health officers I

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opinions of an entirely different kind very freely expressed. I demand

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related it wUl be seen that it is more correct to consider the

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been likewise effused in considerable quantity into the ca

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condition of a phlegmasia on that side for the clot always increasing

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You will feel better by having helped because you shall have helped

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in the calf seeming to be gone I recommended M. X. to remain

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description of one case which presents many complications of great

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carefully established and the indication is exact and precise iron

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the profunda. The blood which entered the ascending branches of the

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to small groups during part of the session. Practical instruction

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it to give way and the blood escapes into the cellular mem

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The first six months will constitute a period of probation in which

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Insufficiency of the mechanical theory. Mashed Fevers.

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the celebrated medical professor who instead of Latin spoke