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periphery are a certain number af neuroglial cells which appear to be increased
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Child of poor development good intelligence and unusually good tempered
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Fredericksburg Va. but had spent most of his life in Baltimore.
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disease. As the groom led him along the street he had at
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in Women than in Men and on the Right than on the Left
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being always susceptible of rigorous demonstration.
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Again the puerperal state predisposes to the formation of pus
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has again been operated on by the students which together
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which I have often called the attention of my auditors I ought not
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infra spinous fossa than in the left. I heard neither rales nor vocal
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facts observed by the authors who support it. Dr. Peter and I make
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of the symptoms of Einderpest and because a corresponding
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the spongy substance and he also found that bones of rachitic
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little known that the lameness is commonly referred to some
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I may observe that bloodletting is either local or general. By
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be more than a permanently impervious fibrous cord that this com
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are completely subordinate either to the pressure on the bones from
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by officials of the University Hospital in a report concerning operat
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plain the nature and causes of Contraction Navicular Lame
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cases of diseases of the intestines I cannot but conclude that
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ing to its extremity. On examining the internal parts of the
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April. Serum showed Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus very marked gas
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Too much stress has been laid upon the blood. It is well
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the sound. Place the thumb on the little knob by which the crayon
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ness becomes stupor the discharge from the nose also increases
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cavity depends upon their being pushed down by the contraction of
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muscles and from its position and form is admirably
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of Fitzroy Harbour to which latter place he moved since the pub
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had occasion to treat of a few of the numerous diseases to
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French Surgery has stated that aneurisms are more frequent in Britain
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from a paper by Dr. John A. Kohner of Philadelphia published in