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are not to be referred to the disease itself but are entirely the

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travelled part of the way by troop train and part by truck. Our

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into them by the force of the heart. Let us endeavour

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At a date not yet very distant M. Tessier maintained with great

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This deformity this diminution in the capacity of the chest pro

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forms of neuralgia the most common very often it alternates with

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also called Head Disease owing to the brain becoming affected.

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which the owner said had been suffering for some months

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combined with other causes such as fatigue and want of

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stocks known to be healthy but notwithstanding all our precautions

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Lower have learned that utmost attention must be given the patient

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combined with muscular action the bones of rachitic subjects may

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of the cab horse penetrating it to the depth of about a foot.

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orthopedic gynecological patients in operating room work and also

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absorbed and not to operate till it appears from the symp

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this virulent morbid poison so fatal to human life will be

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