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Dr Monro was I believe the first person who proposed

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diarrhoea occurs sometimes and still more frequently there is invincible

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form the temporary Board of Examiners the first Board under

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death took place in both so rapidly that suspicions of poisoning

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Marriage is one of the hygienical measures recommended to

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and their section when scraped yields a turbid whitish fluid which

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and congested mucosa which was slightly blood tinged.

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larly if you early recognise the pus and evacuate it from the lumbar

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purpose has been thought good enough to rear a foal. This

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he says is perfectly sufficient to stop the bleeding of any

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which viscera are themselves supported by the mass of the intestines

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as to be able to utilise them on fitting occasions.

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and there were very strict orders about showing ourselves in numbers

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protect the horses of this country from a plague as harassing

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