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place chiefly in this country and it may be added that

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symptoms let us recall the physiological conditions of the pregnant

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leg. On questioning him I learned that at a previous period he

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pupil Dr Jacob of Dublin and it may be distinctly ob

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Registrar to be examined and registered as a Homoeopathic Practi

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widely spread disease of the nervous system. The cases thus grouped these

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a more accurate anatomical knowledge of the parts con

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that in such cases the injuries are sustained in the tendons

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During the qtiarter seven cases of nervous affections exclu

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dorsal vertebra was dislocated and in the second the last cervical ver

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substances under the skin is removed and the skin replaced

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Osteology. Two hours each week for thirty two weeks. Lec


epitrochlear and axillary glands were at this time somewhat enlarged and

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than of prosecuting his anatomical studies. After visiting

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with profit as it is written in plain easy flowing English.

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these organs seemed to be performed with perfect regularity. The

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deterioration of the horses both in Scotland and in the north

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of an expert operator cannot be regulated with precision. The

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of the tumours from the throat of the other. On dissecting

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use and instead of the result which he anticipated a greater demand than

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have been expected would be exhibited in the animals of the

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first examinations in which it is stated that a certain number of veterinary

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White also mentions that it occurred in the summer of

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paludal poisoning a general cause may induce inflammation and

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uterine and hypogastric veins for the point whence the migratory

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cious effects of the air cut off every chance of recovery.

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report of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to the

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inclined to suppose it depends in a great measure upon the

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inability to continue the course without pecuniary assistance.

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dependent on perturbation of the nervous system viz. headache

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received their turnips That the disease arose from atmos

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Laverau and Maillot we are indebted for having recalled attention

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down for a time made some convulsive struggles and then


ation of the bone or even pus may be found in the bursa.

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Let me now return to the subject of percussion. Avenbrugger

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with precision were more particularly painful on pressure. From

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the hospital however more than kept pace with the increase in ac

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added many valuable hints for consideration a liberal subscription at

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the most elementary precepts in medicine so that the administration

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a Board of Regents independent of the teaching bodies and not

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grass I was led to the belief that it was connected with or

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Acute Peritoneal Pain. Extra peritoneal Hsematocele slight Pain and

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an abscess forming in the circum renal cellular tissue.

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tendons when in action of the necessary support which they

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this book that he translated it into the German language