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The GLOBE Southern Africa Newsletter




Issue 4, July - August
  • Clean Energy Conference feedback
  • Wilderness Adventure
  • Environment Monitor
  • Danes doing it for themselves
  • The Earth Justice Movement

Issue 3, May - June

  • Come together - The Civil Society Indaba
  • GLOBE's Earth Summit Campaign
  • Financing forever, A framework for financing sustainable development

Issue 2, March - April

  • Pirate Fishing: Southern Africa's Natural Resources on the Line
  • Freshwater Resources & Climate Change
  • No Justice in Climate Change
  • GLOBE Southern Africa's Statement on Buch's Decision

Issue 1, January - February

  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Solutions
  • Walking the Tightrope: The Importance of Water Demand Management in Southern Africa
  • Water and Development: An African Perspective
Issue 6, November - December
  • The Earth Summit 2002
  • Dams and Development
  • The Earth Charter Initiative
  • Agreement reached on POPs Treaty
  • The GLOBE Declaration at COP6

Issue 5, September - October

  • War and Peace on our Farms and Tables
  • Trading within the National Environmental Management Act
  • The First Consultative Meeting of the Southern African Development Community on Climate Change
  • GLOBE News

Issue 4, July - August

  • Legislatures, Civil Society and the Environment
  • Public Participation and International Agreements, Opportunities for Parliaments
  • Towards an African Voice on Environmental Governance

Issue 3, May-June

  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Degradation Threatens Democracy
  • Building a Sustainable Energy Agenda at the Local Level

Issue 2, March-April

  • Linkages between Climate Chane and Desertification, Opportunities of an Integrated Approach
  • The Shared Rivers Initiative: Building a common vision for international river basins in Southern Africa
  • Trade and Sustainable Development
  • The XVth GLOBE International General Assembly

Issue 1, January-February

  • Abdication of Responsibility for Biosafety in the Name of Free Trade
  • Trips, Technology Transfer and Biodiversity
  • Failure of WTO Talks in Seattle
  • Successful Adoption of a Protocol on Biosafety
  • Ugandan Environment Minister adopts tough stance on Biosafety


Issue 9, November
  • Global Climate Change, Who is responsible for turning off the heat?
  • Climate Change and Freshwater Resources

Issue 8, October

  • The Convention on Migratory Species in Africa
  • The African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement

Issue 7, August-September

  • The Environment Decade in Review
  • People and Wetlands, The Vital Link

Issue 6, July

  • Managing the Waste Problem
  • Wetlands, De-mystifying the Ramsar Convention

Issue 5, June

  • Climate Change Mitigation in Southern Africa
  • Oil Scarcity and Climate Change

Issue 4, April-May

  • Sustainable Tourism
  • The Commission on Sustainable Development, CSD-7

Issue 3, March

  • Creating Synergy in Environmental Policy
  • The Commission on Sustainable Development

Issue 2, February

  • Balancing Population, Development and the Environment
  • Tackling the World's Freshwater Crisis

Issue 1, January

  • The SADC Water Protocol
  • The Convention to Combat Desertification