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studied at the Johns Hopkins University and abroad. He returned
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blood. The causes of the phenomenon are much more complex.
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other lecturers in Edinburgh among whom were Dr Handy
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and second bones of the neck. On inquiring into the previous
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is enlarged in one instance it was more than twice the
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cast in the usual manner and properly secured a free crucial
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The University of Maryland has a fine football team this year.
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of the cause of inter mittence a question often discussed but never
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and nitrogen content of the blood usually determine our diagnosis
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pating or Subintrant. Colouring of Organs particularly of the Liver an
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means of removing any latent irritation of the bowels. Change of diet
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involved in the inflammation and that the sole seat of the products
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George Murgatrotd M.D Associate in Diseases of the Throat and Nose
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brae by his falling down a hatchway upon his back among shot. The
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William Laing of Banchory Aberdeenshire an old pupil
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matous the swelling extending as low down as the knees and
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kind is liberally afforded to the practical students of this Col
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necessarily supposes an aggregate too voluminous to traverse the
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and the progressive diminution of the organ was clearly demonstrated
hesitation before they were aware how they M ere produced but on
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the colour or texture of the mucous membrane in its sound state.
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under the highest state of nervous excitement. He champed his