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the torrent of the circulation flowing from the hypogastric vein.

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now hearing my rapid sketch of it you may possibly be surprised

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sions scabbed sheep that Mr Copland is left without a remedy

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towel properly tightened answers quite well. But to secure a solid

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a surgeon in extirpating a cancer wounds his finger and

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deformities are produced in so different an order of succession

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clusion that the red colour shewed the continuation of ves

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and capillary varicose dilatations. The case was clearly one of very

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lost for sickness or any other cause must be made up. Should the

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it not be supposed that the red veins in like manner

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though he begins to feel the infirmities of age. He continued to

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of the hemorrhage are to be used as in the horse. In these

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each menstrual flux is accompanied by an exfoliation from the

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reasoning with the clear and luminous manner in which

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neous apoplexy originates from the arterial system.

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and the treatment much more difficult. If the wound in the

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nancy. In addition to this she receives home nursing care and

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quantity of purulent mucus and attacks of nephritic colic were

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reduced to their simplest expression in the cerebellum when infiltration of the

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the mucous membrane of the intestines is the part affected.

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as he said in our Royal Society the motions of the muscles

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spectacle of anyone sitting by such a case waiting for improvement

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monia pleurisy and bronchitis in their usual forms have

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laboratory work in its relationship to clinical medicine. Each

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too long the duties of maternity for which she was created but

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modern inquiry. Laennec following his master s example applied

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you must therefore administer to the patient with the least possible