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patient hold the head fixed whilst another assistant placed

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ference du gateau placentaire un veine circulaire dans

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are other causes to be found producing this troublesome dis

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me ascertain separation of the bones and softening of the carti

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of cardiac affection alcoholism or syphilis and that explains the

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which it is liable and the frequency of their occurrence are

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Purulent infection is the same affection in the recently delivered

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sected out the diseased portions which were pretty extensive.

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of the bowels had a strong tendency to increase the fatal ter

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leism e to write out fully any one lecture. During fifteen

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cision was made at the margin of the quadratus lumborum muscle

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liver spleen kidneys and uterus are placed deep where they are

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which bursts and discharges itself freely as in horses often

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abscesses were found in the liver. All the superficial and deep veins

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has resumed the practice of obstetrics at West Preston Street

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and lyhig in women. The works of Pasteur Reveil Chalvet

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t From a careful perusal of the preceding Lectures it is obvious that

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have been expected would be exhibited in the animals of the

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flesh of oxen. Nay perhaps somewhat useful is taken from

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patient returned to see us she was then quite well and had regained

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removal of the diseased tumour even should it necessitate the

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he had never seen disease of the eye occurring in Graves disease. Hughlings

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This v ith his long practice amongst them gave him a great

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which belong to the disease we are now considering. Moreover iu

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melanotic variety which occurred ia a grey horse. It was

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sequently repeated with similar results by Magendie JBe

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a building containing an anatomical theater. A subject was pro

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celerated hence the use of these in a variety of diseases

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have completed the first year of the five years of Medical Study

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radius is placed in the posterior fossa of the humerus.