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counties of England and the small pox amongst the people

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instructors and members of the Medical Staff of the University.

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lation between diseases of the eye and the ear and systemic diseases

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believe it possible to give such a description. Read the works on

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to shoe and consequently more liable to be pricked by the

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tion however involved the foot in more serious consequences.

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paroxysms of a quotidian tertian or quartan intermittent constitute

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cease altogether when these fluids are replaced by blood. But the

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eration provided we are able to correct or remove the cause but if

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the form of an x. The external articulating protuberance

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the retraction of the hypertrophied fibrous tissue the hypertrophy

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Van Swieten in noticing what his predecessors have said on this

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Impacted stone in the ureter calls for such surgical procedure as

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pregnancy the fluxion to the organs of generation at once loses its

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the American First Army was here for a time and through this

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tation of this rule work in qualitative analysis may be counted as

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power as in Africa or in individuals who after living in these

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Doctor Truitt who has been for several years director of the

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The Council moreover has power and authority conferred upon it

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plied to real use as supposing that a large artery of the

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for the situation in which he was placed. There is a lightness

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casioned by the air collected in the cellular tissue.

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of old age after they are ten or twelve years old. Their limbs

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applied. First I will speak of the place of application.

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patients in our wards this emaciation goes on increasing up to the

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the cause of it and the means of prevention which are in their

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cloth. The less said about our uniforms the better. But no uni

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If I am correct in the theory I have advanced it enables us

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upon bandage saturated in some preparation which as it be

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a new paroxysm announced to us that it was the paroxysm and not

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course without any bad consequences except producing sore

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although very nearly approaching one another in respect of their

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have grasped all the importance of the case. For ten days this

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That students are now in the habit of resorting to the Edinburgh

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solely devoted to particular elements of the speech function but he did believe