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I also notice Doctor Shannon entered the Army as a Lieutenant and died
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the second state. In the same manner vou can understand that
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its victims are not whether from necessity or choice much
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head of the luxated bone though the capsular ligament be
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movement upwards or lift should be given to the udder
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not alter the fact that the disease is communicated by the dog
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the nature of these affections they are followed by anremia with
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the neighbouring parts. After dissecting out the greater part
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branches of the nerves proceeding from the brain or spinal
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which there are two paroxysms occurring daily in the qnotidian
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fended by the eyebrow and eyelids which are besmeared
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small or medium sized arranged in one or two series. Less frequently these
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the alumnae of Smith College. They were a splendid group. They
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To these three. Dr. Guerin adds a fourth period which is observed
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July reiterated the obnoxious statement made by Messrs
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factory curative serum for one type of pneumonia can now be secured
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the pores of which are filled with air. Unless the medul
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have produced similar effects. I have little doubt of such
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this subject of my much lamented hospital colleagues the late Drs.
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strual period the now moveable kidney became the seat of pain.
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results from the Edinburgh antenatal chnic etc. are discussed. This
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compression of and friction upon that part exerted by the sur
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degree there must be a sack or pouch in the gullet and in
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devitahzed destroyed. There is something in muscle necessary for
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under military discipline with unlimited time and resources at hand
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the Peritoneum. Cachectic Ha matocele. Ha matoccle caused by Altera
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Treatment. After determining the cause for pyehtis we select
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propagated from the periphery towards the centre the free part of the
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advisable by the Faculties of the respective Colleges or Schools. This
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tion in this war. Along the back areas just behind the actual front
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under the litter. The remedies in such cases are a dose of
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that this influence is necessary to their functions. But it
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and they settle back into the mire from whence they had been
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First Year. Two hours per week throughout the session didac
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to the internal ring was plainly felt and laid hold of without
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effusion I thought I perceived slight crepitation while at the same
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be observed in these divulsions which are often done with a warm
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good roads oj social uplift. In most cases they never vote. A sinful
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Weight. Before operation pounds following operation weight
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The infection was rapidly advancing up the forearm and as smears showed
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outside of which each candidate is to write his name. The packet is
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change Bennett and Yirchow have enunciated an essentially different