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energy and that there is no more reason for believing

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incomplete of the Principal Divisions of the Artery. Embolism some

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highest eminence in this city who have cheerfully bestowed their valu

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to the Faculty satisfactory evidence that he is of good moral charac

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In regard to the rarity of the appearances in this disease

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portion of the vein affected and the lips of the wound but

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others omitted without his knowledge or consent. He showed

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also Paul Spilmiaxx iu the Archives de Mcdecine for August .

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agreeable odour. The bladder was contracted and empty.

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guinal canal and pass in front of the spermatic cord these are directed

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pits on pressure. The muscles isolated in the midst of the serosity

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tudes and Longitudes. Coinpiled specially with reference to Keith John

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and reappear within a few hours evidently therefore without the

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suprapubic cystotomy for the purpose of permanent drainage.

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Thus it can be rendered probable that in the jaundice

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out the plans formulated in the recent reorganization of the school.

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tion to stimulants and tonics such as camphor ale and

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the physician consequently paid no more attention to that matter.

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the tongue had swollen so much as to cover the offending agent.

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from Mr Monro Fairnington Kelso. The latter came on the

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Dr. Thorburn It is not Ontario or any other place it is merely

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in the hepatic region nor had there ever been jaundice. There

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of a University bureaucracy annihilating all competition place this

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the calculus reaching the bladder demonstrate that the lesion is

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pronounced to be the tail slip. Are the secretions of the lac

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mucus from the eyes is generally present as stated in the fore

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tried have failed to prevent a fatal issue. Having no specific

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The history of early practical anatomy may be conveniently

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The ganglia vary in number and their size is propor

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walking he complained for the first time of pains in the left lumbar

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Sworn to and subscribed before me this d day of March .

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de vue pbysiologique hygienique et medical et de la Ponte Pcriodique chez la

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these diseases in some localities on the opposite banks of the

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swelling was soft elastic and communicated a crackling sensation oc

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tumour which was rooted in the oesophagus between the

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from the motion of the ship has acquired a staggering gait.

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in town. The size of the tumour and particularly its situation