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rienced the benefit of their tuition. A cordial vote of thanks has been

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of the broad ligament were much thickened and the uterus was

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under treatment of which number not fewer than forty one were

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done it will suflfL r much as it cannot ask for it

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vances as well as past methods of practical utihty in diseases of the

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its relative position is constantly while the animal is erect or

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mention although in the cases upon which its description is founded

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false when applied to very young children. In the latter the de

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of and in need of assistance to complete the course.

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Ferreol presented under the microscope the characters of the skin

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The poor animal was scarcely able to drag himself along the

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in a day and another from thirty to forty centigrammes of the extract

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plague than profit. After some time he is sold at a loss

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and often even a purgative combined with cinchona according to

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women who suffer from the uterus have a deviation of the organ

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mate branches of the trachea or that a chain of air cells

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tion of the species has been assured the congestive afilux of sap

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ceration extending still farther and corroding the basis of

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minute by a stop watch and it amounted to nearly a dram

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team heads Lieutenant Colonel Lilienthal Lieutenant Colonel

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State of Maryland for the benefit of the Faculty of Physic

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Robert P. Bay M.D Associate Professor of Clinica Surgery

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the securing of proper food for sheep and I have no doubt

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were conducted in a specified manner to be described later. It was

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according to Dr Conquest is sometimes cured by punc

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however the treatment was complex for the waters were given

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fluence of several concurring causes. The form of the

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to the agglutinative reaction of his serum and corpuscles with the

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During ovulation this afflux is still more remarkable. In that

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produced without an appreciable determining cause. In them it

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festations are general discomfort an enfeebling of the physical and

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The patients generally apply for medical advice during the early

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pain. Similar phenomena were soon observed in the right limb

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normal. The liver on section had a somewhat parboiled appearance. The

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of the leg bending under the superincumbent weight than in

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The influence of preparations of iron on the health of women re

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mention as a remarkable circumstance that the marsh miasm seems

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deur and beauty. Among quadrupeds again we find it per

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examination in Anatomy Physiology Physiological Chemistry and

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difficult to manage. By proper machinery the fractured

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nephritis cannot be attributed to any of the causes we have been

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extent as in the previous case. He was immediately put on

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vein upon stopping the artery with my finger none of

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rate shall be henceforth deemed and taken to be and recog

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In hydrocephalic subjects on the contrary the anomalous size of