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tain any product of inflammation. If no peritoneal complication

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disease now under our consideration. They are the earliest symptoms

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dressing a recent wound witli nitric acid is rather a peculiar

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the blisters escapes and a dry scab is soon formed which

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I required Gentlemen to enter into these details to enable you

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tion from Mr Hunter who gives his experience on the subject.

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He entered the University at a most favourable time

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combat compelled the ambulances to wait. As heartless as it seems

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which may be acute or dull in the lumbar region. This sponta

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several weeks or months and has extended to the peritoneum ren

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erto impossible operations. The modern conception of the causation

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appearance the mesenteric veins were turgid with black

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The next cases on the list worth noticing are those of

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to the utmost. It was just a part of our national extravagance.

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muscles of the limb in such a rigid state of contraction that

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with shoeing arises another inconvenience in the gradual growth

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important part in purulent infection. Pus may however exist ix

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flew so furiously at the stick she would naturally feel the

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three patients were between three and four hours ill.

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mononuclears per cent Large lymphocytes per cent. Red blood cells

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number of actually diseased sheep among the number thus shot down

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