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frequently open into the rectum bladder or vagina and some of
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difi er exceedingly in respect of the condition of receptivity certain
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which the head of the luxated humerus was lodged in a
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some time as indicated by the great debility anxious coun
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abolished and incidentally the appearance of the patient was improved.
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of the class for one hour a week throughout the session. Dispensar
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world people. They are concerned little with what the world thinks
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degree of perfection and thus by directing the attention of
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pletely descended testes. In both our cases the testes were fully
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as he could not be got home to Edinburgh. On taking him
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In infants after the first period of infancy and in adults the
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dialgic and dysenteric symptoms and still more in the algid burning
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to prove that he had essentially contributed to the im
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Do we not find thousands of feet contracted and that to the
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of the country during autumn and appeared to arise from the
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room a diagnosis of gas infection made and the patient admitted to the
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report of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary
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a very considerable degree of injection and the membrane was
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Saxony which without the addition of the mother water contain
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ment I performed with Dr Emmet that when both common
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fifth pair of nerves which is connected with a ganglion
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The Niddry Street institution did not succeed in couse
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However we who have fallen upon better times though we must
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to employ because it bespeaks ignorance of its real causes.
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section is given practical and individual work under the supervision
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Present illness. The patient jumped from a second story window alighting
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Wilson Empyema Tube with Inner Tube Inserted as Described
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man author whose work I have just been quoting holds that it is
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that he did while resident in Scotland and a leading member
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which examination by the microscope never enabled us to detect
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sity of considering opportunitij in employing this or that remedy
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Dr Kellie of Leith in his very ingenious paper upon death from
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you who will have to practise both medicine and surgery the results
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arrest being only temporary and the patient retaining some slight
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milk which is in the teat from escaping upwards then
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AND conveyed WITH THE BLOOD which latter opinion has
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obtained by laying before your readers a detailed account of
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junctiva and a profuse secretion of tears. If the orbital congestion
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place where the abscess is situated. By moderate palpation doughi
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size contour and consistency of the gland and cystoscopic examina
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rarity of fractures in the rickets of adults than in the rickets of
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other securities are If there are none so state. None.
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Red Cross Base Hospital No. re accredited to the University of Mary