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that the Professor of the Edinburgh Veterinary College this year pro
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other veins so that they are fitted to take the advantage
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being a cUnical witness of the formation and disappearance of the
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is generally the case with diseases of the bowels while at
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is exceedingly complex and obscure. In fact of aU the symptoms
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torical Introductions and Illustrative Notes by the Ret. GEORGE W.
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around the wound which had been made in the heart by
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hunting and was observed to be purging before setting out.
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the course of last year I have seen it in one case wounded
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most useful sort have now entirely disappeared. The breed is
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analogous to that of cancer containing large cellules or nucleoli
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in improperly sterilized bottles might also serve as a culture material
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by the hepatic artery. Thus it is says Frerichs that new
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is not to be depended on for a cure but gives the patient
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APOSTLE OF CALEDONIA. Reprinted from the Monks of the West.
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the round head of the radius may be felt over the back
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as Boerhaave observes after amputations and oj erations for
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first to excite suppurative inflammation a formation of matter
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fluctuation could be distinctly felt. As at intervals the urine had
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might have formed an erroneous diagnosis in this case. The
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leucocythsemia I have noticed the most important part of the
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were surely never intended to set all inquiry at rest on
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pouches. At these different points pressure occasions pain and
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tem is crowded with valves shewing that it wants the same
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remarked was more like the shrieks of a woman than the
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removal of the detached horn and the application of a few
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the pain became more and more acute in the lumbar region where it
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of the latter those of Lautb Fohmann Panizza Maoendie and
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particular account of the fly because the specimen I caught
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tumor. The unfortunate woman had to paj him two hundred
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germs of infection may be neutralised and its progress modified
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Mr Ceely which prove the identity as to the origin of
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employed under any circumstances this opinion I the more hold to
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posed to attribute the frequency of cirrhosis in India to the immo
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the ligatures was found detached from the vessel. Soon after the other
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flew so furiously at the stick she would naturally feel the
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an inverted picture of the object upon the retina. Fred.
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extent obstructing that vessel. This clot was of a pink color fibri
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the other nerves by their deep situation and by the fat
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cation of irritating substances to the skin j the lymphatics around col
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siologists either a complete or an incomplete asphyxia merely a.
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the blood of the bronchial arteries is respectively increased. To
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