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origin we should probably find the valves disposed nearly

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striking exceptions viz. when topics of controversy or pe

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Fourth Year. This subject is taught by means of didactic and

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inhabitants and is under the exclusive medical control of the College

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She was observed by the hostler to be cold and uneasy about

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levator ani and the os ischium with an accompanying

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passive massage active exercise electrotherapy the current which

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vided to guard against injury in such circumstances. The blood

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are taught the theory of nursing by class recitations and demon

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in many cases to remain within a few yards of a particular

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filled from the spermatic artery. But several circum

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in a great measure restored. But it is satisfactory to know

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of the collar that her head might be tied up. She immediately

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to the soldiers but that it had been discovered that treatment had

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of Beclard and others so that anatomists are now ac

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tomy and diseases of the foot of the horse. The import

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of the structure of the testicle than had been published.

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tracting them. After they are extracted and the faeces

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bleeding from the mouth probably due to trauma from the foreign bodies.

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sunk inwards and been carried upwards and backwards

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whomsoever shall be deemed and taken and recognised to be

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several on the same farm and sometimes all the horses in

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the physical condition of the institution are greatly to be desired.

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led out and is in danger of falling he is rather costive and

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lower glands of the inguinal plexus swell first plainly

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forming the operation and marked it with ink the pa

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numerous fibres of connective and muscular tissue there also con

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examiner Mr M Gregor appointed by tlie Royal College of Veterinary

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standing. She will remain in any awkward attitude in which she is placed

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mary and iliac abscesses are of very frequent occurrence during the

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give them a Kttle lecture on care of infants and ordinary hygiene

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had been there to one Turnbull who professes to cure the

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but as a knowledge of the disease is half the cure I must

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appearance was found the same as those already described.

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starting point. In one of our patients in Saint Agnes s ward you

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apoplexy and lethargic complaints. The training system he

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called to England as Regius professor of medicine in Oxford Uni

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the end of the tail or from any part of the edges from

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plilebitis. Others look upon it as a general disease like typhus in