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The reader is referred more especially to fig. of this

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action of these parts he says As to the binding appearance

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across the cavity of the tympanum it may be remarked

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is accomplished with more than usual rapidity the fontanelles

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peritoneum a constantly increasing quantity of blood this patient

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A capacious chest is therefore essentially necessary to

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more fully into the detail of the science than I had hitherto done.

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to set it up. These effects may be and are almost entirely

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some years afterwards while I held the appointment of

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action sometimes though seldom apoplectic extravasated clots

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that we likewise consider those which have secondarily invaded the

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The session of begins under very auspicious circumstances.

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the inferior external and internal recti muscles had been exposed for some

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function. Increased determination of blood to the tube and its

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t The above observations of Dr Monro secundus have been con

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examined the organs of circulation with very great attention. All

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French Military Mission to the United States paid a visit to the

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behind the symphysis of the pubes as happens in retro uterine hema

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detailed an account of some cases of disease in cows arising in

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graduation week to celebrate the consolidation of our medical school with the

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the protopathic sensation and progression toward the periphery of

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phenomenon. In the very young infant it exists in an extreme de

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discussed this in a way that has never been equalled. It is surely

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work special laboratory demonstrations lectures and discussions

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From the experiments I have made as well as the investi

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in their proper state or where their natural growth is in

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had therefore on the consideration of the Government.

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localities where the disease may have appeared. Instead of

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and as such substances cannot be dissolved by any raedi

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It is very pertinent to call attention to the fact that hemorrhage

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influence we find it soon gives way Nay it has even been

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auspices than he had hitherto done the Society having placed

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Thus the heart of a turtle or frog when cut out continues

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there in pleurisy or pneumonia. These are the terminations and

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nearer they are to the sharp margin. On the inferior surface you

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substance suspended by nervous filaments in a gelatinous

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ternally or internally we find in many instances that the

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phric abscess most probably consecutive to a pyelo nephritis which

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glands before they reach the heart we find in these a minute