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kindly spirit was manifested by him in his intercourse with

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living graduate of the University of Maryland who September

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Frederica Gehrmann and entitles the holder to exemption from

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row notwithstanding the remarkable projection fx om the occipital

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Whatever there may be in this explanation it appears to me that

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well to remark that the autopsy was performed with every possible

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internal ring into the abdomen with the finger during the

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formation of nodules and secondly that these new growths show a different

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also in predisposed subjects by its long continuance lead to tuber

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pleasure and advantage from it. Several years have elapsed

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patient becomes exhausted in useless efforts and the great functions

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by no means fully understood. In this latter death is occa

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nephritis cannot be attributed to any of the causes we have been

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viscera and consequently the liver suffers the state of the

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ing or changing place with respect to each other I would

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visit an enlargement had appeared on the abdomen which

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any barbarous method of warfare it is gas. Mustard gas blinds

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cavity of the bladder the coats of which felt firmly contracted

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Veterinary College London Thos. Walton Mayer jun. Newcastle under

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hanging his head breathing laboriously and with a profuse

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drier are divisible into layers there is no cellular tissue between the

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to the internal ring was plainly felt and laid hold of without

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Softening of the Head of the Clot. Its Rupture. Pulmonary

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in the disturbance of nutrition by rendering imperfect the process of

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pulsation was perceptible but it might have come out from

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second examination. Two hundred and fifty two were not operated

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lymph upon which the danger of inflammation greatly depends.

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submaxillary and cervical tumors had acquired so great a magnitude

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inflammation is apt to pass into suppuration as is seen by the course