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ticularly common among cattle and in consequence of the

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of pus into the blood it is probable that the continuance of the

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able symptoms. It was sufficiently evident that death was

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The foreign bodies removed from her stomach numbered different

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walk nor stand up. Speech was difficult and dysarthric. While lying on her

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in France. He said j ears and six months. That seemed a very

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whole weight of the atmosphere and forming a void be

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ration for the study and practice of physic and surgery ever

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nervous system to the parts of the skeleton or other or

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Structure Valvular Debris and Special Prolongations. Embolism of the

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atrophy takes place by slow degrees and that in spite of the

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parts of his body and was in no degree amenable to the prolonged

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of the new fibrous tissue not being counterbalanced as in cirrhosis

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At the accustomed hour of going to work he appeared to be

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Here are tlie proofs given in support of these doctrines The

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sake of the argument that every rabid dog within the bounds

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had occasion to treat of a few of the numerous diseases to

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isfactorily completed the full term of three years and have passed

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two threatened with pleuro pneumonia. He was treating them with six

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trace them to any other source than the mucous membrane of the

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vagina we can sometimes see by the aid of the speculum the flstula

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hematosis makes rachitic more liable than other children to acute

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attacked causing extensive sloughings of the coronet and in

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ness by the President and the results announced by the President.

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around the leg below its calf and the two circulars are to

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Sometimes several years may elapse without any serious symptoms

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account but as large sums of money must always be kept in

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Kansas where the th division was being trained under the com

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tity of fluid between the nervous elements whUe the latter as already

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afterwards got well of itself and there seems to have been a

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Induced by the great benefit derived in this case from the

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those vessels. Blood when accumulated in the bloodvessels must oc