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Objectives Memorandum of Understanding Governing Council Back


Twenty-first session of the Governing Council
Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Nairobi, Kenya

Proposed Programme for Parliamentarians

Wednesday 7 February 2001


"Know and Connect with UNEP"

(at Press Briefing Room)

13:00-13:10: Opening and introduction of parliamentarians
Helping environmental law-making in Africa and raising environmental awareness among judiciary
Presentation by Mr. Donald Kaniaru, Director, UNEP Division of Environmental Policy Implementation, followed by discussions
How to make use of vital environmental information of UNEP: Environmental assessment, monitoring, early warning and reporting
Presentation by UNEP Division of Environmental Assessment and Early Warning, followed by discussions
Joining hands with Parliamentarians
Remarks by Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director of UNEP
From sewage to ecosystem conservation: Protecting the marine environment from land-based activities
Presentation by Ms. Veerle Vandeweerd, Coordinator, Global Programme of Action for the Protection of Marine Environment from Land-based Activities, followed by discussions


Working tea/coffee break


Plenary of the Governing Council: Policy discussions on the Chemicals Agenda (Conference Room 2: up to 18:00).
The panelist include Dr. John Buccini, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on a global convention on persistent organic pollutants, Mr, Kjell Larssen, Minister of Environment of Sweden, Dr. Lynn Goldman, former Assistant Administrator of the US Environment Protection Agency, Mr. Clifton Curtis, WWF Global Toxic Chemicals Initiative Director, and Mr. Henrique Cavalcanti, President of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety. Parliamentarians are invited to attend.


Discussions among Parliamentarians on major environmental challenges of the twenty-first century (Press Briefing Room)

  • Exchange views and experience on ways and means to tackle critical and emerging environmental issues through the role of parliamentarians. Interdependence between environmental and socio-economic issues, such as governance, natural exploitation and poverty, energy policies, and urban environment and development issues might be discussed.
  • Consider modalities to enhance global and inter-regional networks of parliamentarians. Use of UNEP and its regional offices are encouraged for such purpose.


Reception hosted by the President of the Governing Council and the Executive Director

Thursday 8 February 2001


Working breakfast for Parliamentarians with Dr. Töpfer, Executive Director

(at the balcony of the Executive Director's Office)


Plenary of the Governing Council - Ministerial Consultation: Roundtable discussions on major issues (Energy, Africa, World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002, Global Environmental Governance).

Parliamentarians are invited to attend. Opening includes remarks by President Moi of Kenya, Mr. Wole Soinka, Novel Laureate in literature (Naigeria). Open discussions among Ministers facilitated by the Executive Director. Intervention of parliamentarians is expected to be made through Senator Akiko Domoto of Japan (President, GLOBE International).


Policy Dialogue with Parliamentarians: A Vision for Building Our Common Future (Conference Room 4)

A small panel of parliamentarians from different regions to present their vision of a best course of actions for the human society to achieve "sustainable world with balanced environment" and debate on ways and means to enable us to pursue such actions. Major environmental challenges faced in the twenty-first century and their root causes will be addressed.

Initial debate will be followed by active intervention by Environment Ministers, the UNEP Executive Director and other stakeholders. This is an open event and open to all participants and the media. The outcome of this dialogue will be presented to the Ministerial Consultation on Thursday 8 February afternoon.

Note: sandwiches and refreshments to be provided.


Plenary of the Governing Council - Ministerial Consultation: Poverty and Environment, with particular focus on health and energy.

Parliamentarians are invited to attend. Initial presentations will be made by Mr. Sartaj Aziz, former Minister of Finance and Planing and Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, and Ms. Ann Kern, Executive Director, Sustainable Development and Health, World Health Organization. To facilitate active discussions among Ministers, it is planned to break the plenary into two groups co-chaired by Environment Ministers from developed and developing countries. One is to address poverty and health (including chemicals and food issues), and the other to address poverty and pollution. At the end, they will come together to form the plenary to report the outcome of the discussions. Intervention of parliamentarians is expected to be made through Congressman Jim Greenwood of the United States (GLOBE USA President).


Working ministerial supper: Dialogue among Civilizations - Environmental Dimension

Parliamentarians are invited to attend. Following welcome remark by the Dr. Töpfer, Executive Director, presentations will be made by Mr. Wole Soyinka, Nobel laureate in literature (Nigeria), Vice-President Ebtekar of Islamic Republic of Iran, and Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, Director General of UNESCO. Ministerial discussions, along with performance of music.

Friday 9 February 2001


Plenary of the Governing Council - Ministerial Consultation: Poverty and Environment - Environmental Vulnerability of Natural and Man-made Disasters.

Parliamentarians are invited to attend. Mr. Philippe Rock, State Secretary of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape is expected to moderate the discussions. Initial presentation will be made by Dr. Micahel Glantz, Senior Scientist, Environmental and Societal Impact Group of the national Center for Atmospheric Research, Dr. Harmut Grassl, Director-General of Max Plank Institute, and the representative of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Followed by discussions by ministers. Intervention of parliamentarians is expected to made through Ms. Sandora Beatriz Paredes Rangel (Mexico), President of PARLATINO.


Special event: Policy dialogue on Renewable Energy.

Parliamentarians are invited to attend.


Closing Plenary of the Governing Council.

Parliamentarians are invited to attend.

Note: Discussions/briefings on specific issues with UNEP officials, such as discussions on joint activities, may be arranged upon request by parliamentarians.

Saturday 10 February 2001


Dialogue in the Field: Renewable Energy in Africa. Organized visit by ministers and heads of delegation to the geothermal plant near Naivasha (GEF project site) and discussions on renewable energy. Parliamentarians are invited to attend.