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Dr Busteed has mistaken for an irritable ulcer is nothing

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eral Leonard Wood s staff. During this campaign he was mentioned

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in a woman fifty four years old and the other weighing ounces

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be expected and all agree that there is first diarrhoea and

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diathesis impresses its stamp or if I may use such an expression

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that compression had rendered the trachea impervious to air. The

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also upon the Upper Abdominal Aperture the inguinal hernia will not

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cure I was not acquainted with the conclusions arrived at by Dr.

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me of his curious observations and then we in our turn adminis

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hooping cough and diseases of the liver spleen and mesenteric glands.

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regular intervals throughout the session and each student will be

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most active promoter of every kind of useful knowledge. One warm advo

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little laudanum. Let the cattle get plenty of good water at

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the enormous sum of completely lost to the country

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After this she again began to her fetlock the water was

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pathetic connections between the different parts of the

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a young dog which he had been formerly rather fond of as

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The prognosis is favorable when the abscess is limited to the

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Examination of the anterior wall of the stomach revealed a hole inches

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tivity and results such as paresis tabes dorsalis etc. can often be avoided.

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extensive pleuritic effusion on the right side. The pleurisy on its

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every one of whom participated in the series one or more times the

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to what principles cinchona owes its potent properties I can testify

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saders in their hearts and as individual soldiers they were wonder

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the parenchyma of the glands and then all the lymphatic fluid

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to a typhoid character and the debility induced by bleeding

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For the past thirteen years St. John s College Annapolis Md.

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miasm or to speak more correctly from the locality which it infects

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coccic pleuritis is present at the time of the pneumonia and if it

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system in the second and third periods there is Anamia loithout

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Both apices contained some small masses of softened tubercle. The


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form of the body we have a strong index of the constitution.

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different pubhc institutions and found that of these or per

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embarrassed portal circulation in the liver is hyperemia of the

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obstruction an eddy and finally a stasis particularly at the valves

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other. The principal power of progression resides in the

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a few centigrammes of the salts of iron to the litre sometimes cure

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is snugly opposed then the skin. The outer flanges are strapped

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to be found. If the nature progress and effects of the disease

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pressure which the body has to support is that of the surrounding

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strength which she had considered as lost was restored and that

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others and the cases which have fallen under the notice

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of these seizures is not a new disease but only a new manifestation

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becomes the cause of the oedema. We then discover that the uterine

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ulceration of the different parts of the urinary apparatus and when

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injured from considerable elongation of the posterior molar

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to be imputed to the pressure of the enlarged and ossified

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London had also been established by a royal charter which conferred

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case has continued quite well with the exception of a slight

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of the capsule of Glisson determining to the surface of the organ a