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GLOBE Southern Africa Contacts


GLOBE Office in Southern Africa
26 Derwent Road, Gardens 8001
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: (27)-21-4220282
Fax (27)-21-4220285
E-mail: cape.office@globesa.org


Mr Stéfan Grové, MP
National Assembly of South Africa
P.O. Box 15, Cape Town
South Africa
E-mail: sgrove@global.co.za
Ms Rosemary Yikona, MP
National Assembly of Zambia
P.O Box 31299 Lusaka
10101 Zambia
Tel: (260)-1-292425/36
Fax: (260)-1-292252
E-mail: nazambia@zamnet.zm
Mr John Ken Lukyamuzi, MP
Member of the Parliament of Uganda
Parliament House
P.O. Box 7176 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (256)-41-256190
Fax: (256)-41-231296
Executive Director
Mr Francis Caas
Tel: (27)-21-4220284
Fax: (27)-21-4220285
E-mail: fcaas@globesa.org

Programme Manager

Mr Lance Greyling
Tel: (27)-21-4220282
Fax: (27)-21-4220285
E-mail: lgreyling@globesa.org