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On 4- 5 September 1998, GLOBE Southern Africa convened a regional conference on the environment in Cape Town. The main and general goal of this meeting was to suggest and put forward common tools and policies to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.
More specifically, this event offered Southern African MPs a forum where they discussed environmental issues with other actors and decision-makers involved in the environmental debate, in order to determine policy options and define guiding legislative principles, as well as forge agendas for future actions.
The conference addressed the
following sectoral issues:
  • Global Climate Change
  • Freshwater Resources
  • Desertification & Land Degradation

As well as cross-sectoral issues, such as:

  • Regional cooperation and the role of parliamentarians
  • North-South & South-South cooperation

The Cape Town Declaration

Action Agenda on Climate Change

Action Agenda on Desertification

Conference Programme & Speeches