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Climate Change in Africa
A GLOBE Southern Arica Publication

The publication Climate Change in Africa presents a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the climate change debate, particularly as they pertain to the African continent. Authors from a diverse number of fields have situated each of their papers within an African context, providing a tentative way forward in both mitigating the possible impacts of climate change and in deriving the maximum benefit from the various mechanisms proposed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Topics covered include:

  • The Environmental Impacts of Climate Change in Africa, by Emily Massawa, Kenya

  • A Need for Global Equity, by Grace Akumu, Kenya

  • Towards an African Climate Change Movement, by Richard Sherman, South Africa

  • Climate Change Mitigation, Options and Strategies for Africa, by Peter P Zhou, Bostwana

  • Making the Clean Development Mechanism work for Africa: Focus on the Energy Sector, Randall Spalding-Fecher, Gillian Simmonds & Khorommbi Matibe, South Africa

  • The Politics of the Clean Development Mechanism, What Role for Africa?, by Stephen Lennon, South Africa

  • The Clean Development Mechanism, Designing it to work for Africa, by Ian Rowlands, Canada

  • Technology Transfer and Climate Change, by Ogunlade Davidson, Sierra Leone 

  • Challenges and Opportunities from UNFCCC Mechanisms for Africa, by Francis Yamba, Zambia

  • Regional Co-operation in Africa, the SADC Power Pool, by Shaekespeare Maya, Zimbabwe

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