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A Greological Map of Europe exhibiting the different

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membrane of the intestine enter with increasing difficulty the vena

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The treatment in these cases was bleeding a dose of mild

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woman had been suffering from pains in the loins and from a general

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much pain and discomfort and the fact that this cast of paraffin

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men and is named Tunica vaginalis testis. It adheres

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By attention to the state of the lymphatic glands situ

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of the intestines which although they do not press strongly exert a

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she could only painfully drag herself along by leaning on the walls

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Dr Carmichael Smyth s account of Dr Monro s first Course

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recovered to return home and is at the present time working

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watery secretion associated with bubbhng. In every case crepitation

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had no hesitation in concluding that the dropsy was caused by

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If it could not be prevented there might be a melancholy satis

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the bile found in the hepatic duct having undergone a

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herniary sac follows the femoral vessels called crural. I

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few minutes consideration especially since the fistulous tract itself

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rhea or having a chancroid the name and address of the man or

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he says is perfectly sufficient to stop the bleeding of any

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Hamilton Terrace which for a number of years served as the home

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of the vena porta and biliary canals has notably augmented.

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region. Extensive ecchymoses in that region and hsematuria lasting

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graduation week to celebrate the consolidation of our medical school with the

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may give an approximate idea of the percentage of cases in which

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were improved per cent were much improved and Q per cent

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nication to the internal circumflex artery. The arteria profunda was

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The Maryland General Hospital situated at Madison Street and

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and navicular bones connected by their ligaments with the

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the medical profession any protection either in defending or indem

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materia medica. As to Professor Dick he did not venture to give his

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anterior to the heart. A minute inspection seemed to indicate

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mended by Torti and that which I usually prescribe. This remark

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more secure. Under anesthesia the stick was removed but a rent

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tion was at an end yet the injury was not communicated

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able ophthalmia the flux was a profuse secretion of tears.

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