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December the severity of the fever was doubled and the mucous

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limbs and the nearer the clots are to the trunk the more fibrinous

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Several courses of study extend through two years or more but

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remedy by some other way and the rectum affording the greatest

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posed of fibres upon which the whole limb is firmly supported.

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been published of this exceptional kind and I could myself cite

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In regard to practical and scientific veterinary knowledge it is well

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consequence of fractured bones are one of a horse for fracture

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as to the real nature of the tumour nor in satisfying the patient

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Corvisart supplemented insufficiency of touch by the aid of hearing.

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sometimes announces itself by a general feehng of comparative well

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was at the moment of the luxation or when the head of the

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but examination of the blood followed by the study later of the alterations

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of the year. The results of these examinations considered in con

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of intelligence discovered. We thus discover that the

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the plague. The case at the Veterinary College tends at least to show

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ample in the following experiment by the Baron Swieten In cane

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end inches. The patient had been in the habit of introducing

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tion with the containing parts yet that we may more cer

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nerves the influence of every part of the brain and spinal

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I realized soon after I assumed the position in which you did me

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he found it one of the worst cases imaginable the parts being

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ovarian cysts should not be tapped is the danger of infecting the

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and nonoperative cases. The sensory disturbances even in instances

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Sometimes the bones which during the preceding periods pre

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by extirpation of some of the orbital contents he had found oedema and

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that it is engaged in operations of which it is not conscious

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be soothed and relaxed so as soon to recover their wonted

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an instrument for percussion consisting of a cylindrical stem the

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years ago the bugaboo of surgeons was tetanus today after crushing

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hyperplasia of the proper tissue of the organ that is to say an

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by the th September. On the th the animal manifested

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increased contraction there was rather what would ap

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