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aided by M. Charcot studied the appearances under the mi

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College of Physicians and Surgeons is the publication of the Medical

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cause the formation of knots. This articular swelling is so constant

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nothing about the case to suggest sepsis. Ultimately the patient got well. No

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A woman about thirty years of age presented herself in the out

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and speedy death. Metastatic abscesses are found disseminated in

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a room completely equipped for mammahan experimentation a

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pened that one day during Dr Barclay s course of lectures

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to me to depend more upon the obliquity of the ridges and

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a week by an instrument I contrived for the purpose and

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every local phlegmasia arose from the general purulent state. He

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metritis the possible existence of pelvi peritonitis immediately

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disease that we can beneficially institute our treatment for the.

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moment the hgature was tightened for he then complained of an

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mitigation of the symptoms during the time iodine was ad

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the scapula and clavicle to hold these as fast as possible

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of the vein increased in number and sometimes in diameter.

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pulmonary artery. I observed that the large branch which serves

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occur on the side on which the extirpation has been performed the

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experience established reputation and not holding any college appoint

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with this disease triumphantly but disgracefully proclaiming

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To these three. Dr. Guerin adds a fourth period which is observed