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such cases ferruginous medication is quite as powerfully remedial as


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amount expended during the year is about. without in

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them. The manner of injecting them was to bruise the

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mined patients who had bubo in the groin without finding

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their disease present the symptoms of cachexia and then all at

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consequence of using the imperfectly washed linen of small pox

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although not quite so fatal as cholera morbus. I was not a

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firmly as could be done without the risk of cutting it through. He

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Experience has shown that there is a dissolution between the red cell

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were numerous tumors embedded in the muscles and extending into

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ventricular orifice. The ventricular side of the orifice presented a

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was not the least of the reasons for the failure of the submarine.

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hours and shock of subsequent dressings is prevented.

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About ten p.m. she was observed to neigh in a peculiar man

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inflammation the inflammation never extends to more than a

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the repugnance they manifest to remain in any other than the hori

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exact statement of moneys expended during the year owing to the

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with in similar structures it will lead us to a more correct

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true nature of those diseases which have hitherto been over

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of the vena porta and biliary canals has notably augmented.

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in bed leaning forwards and whilst the patient gasps

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ing a simple punctured skin wound in particular parts of the

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Hypertrophy of Heart chiefly of left side without appa

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death. Lenoir himself dissected the veins which he supposed to be

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with hepatic hematosis has already for a long time compromised

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bladder which is highly important. Following inspection we are

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circumference or over the course of the deep venous branches.

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remedies and contribute much in preventing their bad effects.

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rib from which a sharp point projected. This caused violent pains

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the animals were subjected to successive and progressive poisoning

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before it passes on to be digested. In the horse we find a

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in the situation of the former wound along which the common

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with relief of threatening uremia. Catheter was left in the ureter

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the brain and from the brain is reflected upon the third

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It is obvious that if either of these cases had been nephrectomized

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