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Action Agenda - Response to Desertifcation
Recognizing the threat of land degradation and its possible consequences for all the arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid countries, particularly in Southern Africa and in the world’s poorest countries;

Recognizing that land degradation, climate change and loss of bio-diversity have adverse effects on ecosystems, and thus on human health and well being,

Recognizing that preservation and restoration of ecosystems is one effective way of slowing down climate change and its subsequent effects on land degradation;

Aware that our countries together have a responsibility to lead in the desertification negotiations, and determined to continue to drive the process forward;
Recognizing the need to identify gaps and overlaps among the Rio instruments in order to create synergies and identify ways in which linkages between desertification and conservation of bio-diversity can be used to slow climate change;

Recognizing the importance of strengthening the role of women in decision making and their role in combating desertification at all levels;

Aware of the evidence showing that community participation in combating desertification is essential for achieving sustainable economic development;

Committed to working in close cooperation with each other, as well as with colleagues from developing and developed countries, to find innovative ways forward which is agreeable to us all;

We the Members of Parliament and Members of GLOBE Southern Africa;

  • Recommend that the National Secretariats of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification appointed in each country be situated at the highest political level in order to coordinate and facilitate policy;
  • Insist that the northern industrialized countries take the issue of land degradation more seriously because of its consequences on climate change and loss of bio-diversity
  • Recommend that there should be partnerships and coordination between the relevant Government departments, both horizontally and vertically, and that synergies should be developed between Governments and civil society,
  • Commit ourselves to raise awareness in our constituencies about the causes and effects of and solutions for desertification,
  • Call upon our parliamentary colleagues from all parties and from all countries to work with us in seeking to achieve the objectives of this Action Agenda.